The Mission of Thibaud

The mission of Thibaud consisted mainly of teaching French language to local youth and children, doing various leisure time activities with young people and children at  care centers, participating in several local activities/ events of YCE.  

The Story of Thibaud

My home in Ioannina and Johanna, the other volunteer
My home in Ioannina and Johanna, the other volunteer

So, I begin with my first day in Greece for travel to Thessaloniki from Ioannina. I have taken the bus during 4 hours in total if I count the bus line to airport from bus station. I’m so tired because I don’t have chosen good hour to come and for have directly a connexion on fly and bus. I can sleep stand up.


When I arrive at the city, Tomas, the president welcome me and look directly we have dead face ! so he take with our for go at our house. When I see the house I’m really shocked by the size and the silence ! Very nice place ! We are near to the center, one supermarket and all the center which are places for our missions.

During a visit of the island of Ioannina lake, with the French association
During a visit of the island of Ioannina lake, with the French association

 We eat on restaurant / fast food where you can eat very big pita ! So nice ! (I don’t have eat lot but I like haha ! )


So their explain the plans for the begin. We start by visit, Greek lessons for a good implant on the city during 2 weeks and for finish the preparation of confirmation by the centers for the association.


All the day we practice and learn more greek ! it’s very interesting and better for do anything here.


We meet new people like greek peoples and one French associations ! all the people are very nice and very friendly ! (Better than where I live ! )


We have try lot of different food very nice and original ! (crepes fast food, tiropita, hamburger with different kind of meat because steack is mixed meat, ice scream, trigono, Christmas sweet …!)


After that period we begin the missions so Monday on disability center for do sport with the peoples, Tuesday French lessons for kids and grown up, Wednesday French lessons but just for grown up, Friday we go at pogoniani’s city on the center for boy with family problem for do lot of activities, Saturday on girls center for cooking lessons and differents activities and Sunday one hour of French lessons.

The peoples on disability center are very friendly directly and very nice with our! they like our activities and presence !


At first on French lessons is very difficult because we don’t know to teach and shy a little, but after time we create link with all the student and we see the impact on all peoples, they like some lessons if it’s interactive for all ! for the others lessons they are little bit bored because it’s lot of information with a new pronunciation so it’s difficult but we practice so it’s nice with the time.

During a french lesson with kids
During a french lesson with kids

The kids are very happy to come on that because all the lessons are very nice for their so we feel very good for that when we hear that ! they are so cute !


 For Friday on boy’s center at first I’m feel bad because nobody’s know English but when I arrived and begin to play with their, they are very friendly with me and try to share moments. So after that I understand then language is nothing if you want to share you can with move and activities.

 I have promote the center because on pogoniani you have 2 centers and one are famous and the other is my center. They don’t have volunteer before this year with one of my greek friends stella (nice girl !), me and johanna the other french volunteer. They don’t have donation and just a little budget so I speak with French friend of mine on the French association and 2 greek people who learn French and the guy buy lot of thing for sport for the boys so they are very happy when they see me arrive with lot of new things ! I’m so happy too, to feel that ! 


Saturday on girls center at first I feel the same like boys center but they are so nice and very friendly with me, I feel so nice after one day ! (sorry boys but I like you too ! haha) One of girl speak English and the others are very interested about my country, my city and the life style there ! We have cook crepes salt and sweet so we have share directly something !


Now is Christmas period and I have greek friends, we have make journey and night party together, I’m feel really nice and I can’t image to come back in France ! I’m sad because all the people on this period aren’t in Ioannina because they go on their family.


All my missions without boy’s center, Tomas come so he is very friendly and implant me really fast on all the groups !

Tomas is a very good president and very kind !

Dora teach me very good greek with her lessons and is very nice with our ! all the time with smile ! 

Stella has my age and is more reserve at first but with the time she is very nice also like dora and tomas !

So I like the life style very much !

The French women are so sympathic and purpose all the time to go out for drink coffe or make excursions !

My greek friends in general are very amazing And they have my respect and stay my friends for all my life ! 

Best moments of Thibaud's mission in photos