Welcome to Youth Center of Epirus!

The Youth Center of Epirus (YC Epirus) is a non-profit organisation located in Ioannina, in the heart of the Epirus region, Greece. It hosts departments of young adult non-formal education and asylum seeker integration. The organisation is internationally certified for Support Services for the Improvement of Citizen's Lives and the Upgrading of General Living Conditions, by the International Organization for Standradization and has received Certification as a provider of Primary Social Care services of a non-profit nature from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.


The young adult center in Kaplani 10, Ioannina is open to public during every study year. The center is an an open space for all young adults who look for non-formal education, local and international opportunities. YC Epirus offers activities related to volunteerism, non-formal education, social inclusion and cultural awareness. Our international team combined of volunteers and youth workers implement various courses and workshops, informative and cultural events for youth and young adults; everyone is welcome to join our team and share their ideas!


YC Epirus organizes and participates also in international educational projects such as youth exchanges, training courses, seminars, as well as voluntarism, research and capacity building projects under the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes. In addition, the place hosts Europe Direct Information Center where regional society can receive information related to EU opportunities, grants, citizen rights, etc.


YC Epirus asylum seeker integration department operates local and regional projects that provide accommodation, integration, health care, educational and other support to asylum seekers in Epirus region.