Lisa and Constance

Lisa and Constance from France joined ESC voluntarism project in Ioannina, at our organisation Youth Center of Epirus for one month. The project "Take off" was coordinated and supported by the organisation Pistes Solidaires, based in Anglet, France.


Their main activities were to implement recreational and non-formal educational activities for asylum seeker children and teenagers, and to work on digital content creation on asylum seeker integration related themes and cultural heritage of the region of Epirus. Below, you can read some of their testimonies and see photos of their experience in Ioannina! 


During the month of April, I had the chance to volunteer for one month in Greece in Ioannina, with the organisation "Youth center of Epirus" . This experience was extremely enriching for me, allowing me to get out of my comfort zone and my habits. I was able to meet great people, always kind, especially the young people who live in the centre. Due to Ramadan at this time, fewer young people were present at the activities, many were still willing and interested in the activities, to discuss and exchange. These moments were unique, each young person was extremely engaging. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to share some of my time with these people and to have experienced these moments.


I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.


During this month I learned a lot from others and from myself. It allowed me to better understand some issues such as immigration and asylum. Through this short month, I learned more about myself than when I was in France. I gained coolness and sociability because I was lucky enough to meet the best roommates in the world. A little stressed at the beginning, I quickly understood that this is where I belonged and that each one of us had something to offer to the other. This month allowed me to be sure of the job I wanted to do and I am now convinced and ready to work in the social field and especially with refugees. Moreover, the city of Ioannina is so beautiful and warm that it is very easy to feel at home. The shopkeepers and inhabitants touched me a lot and I am going back to France with the best memory of my life. I can't wait to return.



This project was co-funded by the European Commission.