The Mission of Johanna

The mission of Thibaud consisted mainly of teaching French language to local youth and children, doing various leisure time activities with young people and children at  care centers, participating in several local activities/ events of YCE.  

The Story of Johanna

Me (right) with another volunteer, Thibaud in Perama, Ioannina
Me (right) with another volunteer, Thibaud in Perama, Ioannina
  • A dream which comes true?


Who am I? Johanna, student, who does not still realize that she has just heightened a dream. Wake up in Greece, Greek food, sleep Greek and be surrounded with Greek. If one day somebody had told me that I was going to leave France to discover Greece, I would never have believed it. And nevertheless, I am about to tell you my adventure. Goodbye my family, goodbye my friends, goodbye France. I leave the country, accompanied with ThibauD, my team member. Here we go !


  • The trip


It is in Thessaloniki that we spent our first day in Greece. Indeed, we had to make stop over to  Thessaloniki to take the bus to go to Ioannina. We had missed the bus . But the positive side was that we were in a beautiful city. Even more beautiful at night.

Little advice: don't forget to take a pillow and a blanket because spend the night on the benches of the airport is very hard. Furthermore, Thibaut almost lost his passport. « Oh là là la vie est dure »

Sightseeing the old town of Ioannina, with Dora
Sightseeing the old town of Ioannina, with Dora
  • Arrived at final destination


One sentence to define my arrival : « I don't regret for coming ! ». The first time, when I looked at this city, I fell under her spell. It is a beautiful city, the panoramic views are breathtaking , the people are friendly and kind and traditionnal cooking is delicious.


We were lucky enough to be welcomed by Thomas (the director), Dora (the big attentive sister), of the association Youth Center Of Epirus.

We were also lucky enough to have a beautiful apartment. each have your own room. It is luxury for me because I always shared my room with my sister or my family. 


Obviously, the first thing I wanted to do the next day is to eat their famous ice cream. Beyond the ice cream, you should not especially forget their Pita giros in the Koto poulo but also their cakes, Their saltyand sweet pancakes. I liked a lot the « rock bar ». Ioannina has not only of the good food. Places are beautiful, mixing highly-rated traditional Greek and the modern because it is a student city.


To Ioannina, It is enormously raining (consequently, it is necessary to have an umbrella) but it does not prevent the people from being warm, pleasant to live and very open. However, if you are fast, you'll soon realize that people are far from being pressed and adopts the term " SIGA SIGA ". I still feel at home in my house because I do not like being fastened and I prefer « Doing things slowly but surely ».

Getting ready for Christmas period with the local youth
Getting ready for Christmas period with the local youth
  • The meeting with my french team member Thibaud and the team of the Youth Center Of Epirus association


Our first meeting with thibaud passed well. The adventure in Thessalonica allowed us to know us more, and we noticed that we were totally brought into conflict. We spent a lot of time to discuss on everything and anything because we rarely agreed. Fortunately, we were empathic.

However, our differences have allowed us to complete us in our missions and we had the same goal: success of our missions.


Thomas and Dora were always there to accompany us and support us. They wanted that we can bloom in our missions, and they were successful , because everything I did I liked. Thanks to the various missions, I feel more self-confident.


Our missions were very varied. For example, we had the opportunity(occasion) to put ourselves in the skin of a French teacher, knowing that our only communications tools were English, while my level was not fabulous and Greek (thanks to Dora and Maria which were of a precious help). I had became Malgache teacher (my family is proud).


We also made activities with the young people , in the Care center and center for disabled. It was one of my most beautiful experiences because it is in these moments there that I felt the most useful. I was able to make happy the people who are needy.


  •  Conclusion

I am not ready to forget this fabulous adventure. Ioannina is an incredibly beautiful city. The inhabitants are warm, nice and very open. I thank all the people who gave me the chance to leave to Ioannina.


I also thank the team which gave us the various missions which were very enriching. This experience brought me many things, I learnt to trust me, I was able to improve my English and I especially made great meetings. Thanks to Dora, Thomas and Ioannina.



« Travel broadens the mind »

The best moments of Johanna's mission in photos