Alexandra in Lithuania

Alexandra Stefou participated in European Solidarity Corps project Hands-On in Kaunas, Lithuania from 11th of March 2019 until 30th of August 2019. 


Τogether with other volunteers from different countries, she implemented mainly sports activities at a youth organisation and her tasks were to:




  • Assist to the sport coach during sports training (also training with disabled kids);
  • Prepare for and lead sports training with support of the trainer; 
  • Create climbing routes;
  • Support climbing trips and camps on natural rocks for sportsmen; 
  • Prepare a climbing team for competitions
  • photography and photo editing
  • Organization of climbing events;
  • Creation of her own mini projects.


Youth Center of Epirus, the coordinating organisation A.C.Patria and hosting organisation Miegantys Drambliai supported Alexandra in every stage of the project. The activity was funded by European Commission of the European Union. You can contact Youth Center of Epirus for more information about European Solidarity Corps voluntarism projects. 

This project was co-funded by the European Commission.