Youth exchange “Youth for Change” in Ordelles, Spain

Under the Erasmus+ programme, the "Youth for Change" youth exchange took place in Ordelles, Spain, from 20 May to 26 May 2023. The youth exchange "Youth for Change", was a project organised by Sustinea. The aim was to create a space for sharing experiences and changing individual behaviour, living in harmony with nature and life itself. This youth exchange involved 28 participants from Portugal, Georgia, Spain and Greece. A young Greek participant stated:

¨¨"The youth exchange  in Ordelles, Spain, was an unforgettable experience for those who took part. During this project, we participated in various group activities and, mainly, activities with a focus on the environment.


Hikes and excursions in the city of Ourense created a unique experience for us, as it enabled us to explore the local sights and learn about the culture of the region. In addition, we had the opportunity to meet and interact with local residents, thus enhancing mutual understanding and multicultural exchange.


An important pillar of the project was sustainable food. All meals provided were vegetarian and vegan, thus promoting awareness of sustainability and the environment. Overall, the exchange program provided a unique experience full of action, play, learning and interaction, while promoting awareness of environmental sustainability and cultural understanding."




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program