Training course "Enhancing Youth Competences" Plymouth, United Kingdom

An unforgettable experience for me was my participation in the Erasmus+ programme for the year 2021, in which I took part in Plymouth, UK, between 8-15 November, thanks to the organisation that informed me and sent me there, the Youth Centre of Epirus. This was the first time I went to England and of course it is a reason for me to visit again as the memories of that one week I spent there are etched in my memory. The project involved people from Spain, Romania, North Macedonia and Bulgaria.


As for the programme, it aimed to teach participants more about migration, diversity issues and the inclusive strategy for working with the migrant community, with a particular focus on refugees and asylum seekers. Discussions, theatrical, interactive activities were held so as to fully understand the objectives of the programme. 


I also had the opportunity to get to know and explore Plymouth, which is located south of England in Cornwall, where as I was informed by the locals it is a summer destination for the English as it is a seaside place!!! Getting there from London was very easy as everyone speaks English and the people there were quite polite and helpful as many times as I needed to ask someone.


A nice break was when we visited a farm where we saw animals that are raised there as well as a woodland where we were taught how to make a fire with simple materials, how to set up a tent ourselves and how to eat marshmallows with a stick like in the movies!!! I met many children with whom I still keep in touch and we plan to visit each other's country. An unforgettable experience, a chance to experience another country, another culture, practice the language, learn new things, make new friends, test your limits and come home full of pictures, laughter and excitement!!!




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program