Youth exchange "You Art Me" Utebo, Spain

During the period 12 - 20 of July the artistic Youth Exchange You Art Me took place, filling our summer with colour and creativity! 25 lucky young people with artistic interests from 5 different European countries, Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Spain met for 7 days in the welcoming village of Utebo near Zaragoza, Spain to learn all about street murals in public space and create their own. The exchange was organised by the Spanish organisation based in Zaragoza Viaje a la Sostenibilidad.


The first day of the exchange was dedicated to fun activities aimed at getting to know the participants and fostering teamwork, cooperation and trust between us. Then we approached the art of mural painting on a theoretical level, with the help of non-formal learning tools such as the exchange of knowledge and experiences through conference, presentations and other fun activities. We then formed working groups and started working in teams designing our own murals. All the following days of the exchange we dedicated ourselves to putting into practice what we had learned by creating our murals in the square of Utebo. The days passed very quickly filled with laughter, visual exploration and inspiration to create. Collaboration and complementing each other were core values of our project. At the same time, in the warm afternoons we took our dips in the village pool. After hard work we managed to create 4 unique murals full of colour that decorate and beautify the public space of the square and can be enjoyed by the people of Utebo!


During our stay there we had the pleasure of making a visit to the beautiful city of Zaragoza where we toured the main attractions and the park and all enjoyed local Spanish delicacies. In addition we also had the opportunity to tour the Utebo art museum where we learned about its history and saw its remarkable exhibitions. 




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program