Youth exchange '' You Are What You Eat 2 '' in Poronin, Poland

The youth exchange “You are what you eat 2” took place in Poronin, Poland from August 30th to September 8th  with 30 participants from Italy, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Lithuania and Slovak Republic.


There were workshops about ecology, environmental problems (national and global) and suggestions of possible solutions, impact of healthy eating,food origin and zero waste. Participants created two events: a school visit and a picnic. The school visit aimed to inform pupils about recycling through a catwalk with “clothes” from reused materials designed with their contribution. The picnic include simple games for kids (origami, food pyramid, photo booth, basketball with recycling items). Another task of the exchange was to cook dinner (with vegan options).


Target of the whole project was to raise awareness about nowadays environmental/ecological problems and to motivate young European citizens to obtain a healthier way of life. As souvenir,participants created eco-friendly t-shirts. The program also included visit to Tatra National Park and Zakopane.


About the multicultural aspect of the exchange, there was a lot of cooperation between people of separate countries which only increased as the time went on. Having the chance to learn about countries far away from us was a nice and interesting change of pace. We believe we were incredibly lucky that we got a chance to participate, meet new friends, learn about ecology and how our lifestyle impacts it. We would like to thank everyone involved and we look forward to finding out on how the “you are what you eat” team will continue their course of actions.




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program