Training Course “Urban and audiovisual art as tool for youth participation” in Seville, Spain

Between 03/12/2023 - 10/12/2023, in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, a Training Course entitled "Urban and audiovisual art as tool for youth participation" took place in Seville, Spain, with the participation of people from different countries, with different cultural backgrounds. This Training Course was organised by the organisation Mo.S.C.A, "Mobility, Solidarity, Creativity and Art".


The participants of the Greek group report:


"This training course was attended by people related to youth education, from Spain, Italy, Greece, Greece, Romania, the Netherlands and Germany, with whom we had the pleasure to work together in group activities creating a common result. The aim of the project was to use urban art and contemporary audiovisual media as tools to promote the active participation of young people in social and political issues. 


First, we had the opportunity to attend some sessions on the arts, especially urban art and the different techniques used. We were impressed by the examples used and at the same time got inspiration for our own group creations. At the same time we were inspired by the purposeful walks included in this training course in which we toured the centre of Seville and observed the different types of art as they evolved, by local artists. In the first days we were asked to work together, after being divided into small groups made up of people from different countries, and to practice with the new technological tools we acquired and learned by producing some artistic videos of our own. In the following days, through practice, we became familiar with them, and then we were invited to use them to produce a final video by each group, exploring in practice the specific tools and the ways of using them for educational purposes.The final result was the creation of 8 short films (up to 5 minutes) on urban art in one location in Seville. The selected sites were placed on a shared digital map available online, and the result was shown to the public, with the organisation of a guided tour of the city centre and a presentation of each video. 


We also came into contact with the urban landscape of Seville and the culture of southern Spain at the same time as the intercultural spirit of our group. Finally, the participants presented the SWOT analysis of each organisation, exchanged ideas in relation to our work towards youth - of our opportunities and concerns - and made plans for future collaborations."





This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program