Youth exchange "Tools for change" in Craiova, Romania

Below you can read the words of a Greek participant who took part in this youth exchange.


"The youth exchange “Tools for change” took place in Craiova, Romania from 15/09/19 up to 30/09/19 and took part in it young people from different European countries. It was a great opportunity for us to live a unique experience, where the memories we gained will accompany us for a lifetime.


Arriving in Craiova we also met the rest of the participants, who arrived form five different countries such as Bulgaria, Turkey, Northern Macedonia, Poland and Romania and that is how we altogether started this journey, with lots of wonderful moments. The topic of the youth exchange was about the social integration of minorities through workshops based on psychodrama activities. Through these activities we became more familiar with the terms "empathy", "I" and "we", "give" and "take", in a context of adaptation, socialization and cooperation. Also, through the program we exchanged opinions, we learned about different cultures, met and experienced the way of thinking of other social groups. So we recognized the different and expanded the way we approach and interpret reality.


We would like to thank Youth Center of Epirus for giving us this opportunity and also the organizers of the ΄΄Tools for change΄΄ program who did a very good job. Also, all the fellow travelers-participants in the program, where with their dedication and sincere commitment and appetite, they gave another breath to this unique experience. We will be grateful! "




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program