Youth exchange "STEP 1: Addictions"

The project “Step 1: Addictions” was shaped by the conditions we face nowadays. The youth exchange took place in Stavroskiadi, Ioannina on 21 to 30 of September 2018.


We live in an era of rapid technological advancement and we are incapable of filtering the changes that occur around us fast enough. This also contributes to the lack of education in this area, which makes us feel exposed to this scary information network. However, internet is not the only addictive factor. The scientific community refers to addiction as a brain disorder, characterized by compulsive and recurrent exposure to an addictive habit, whose excessive nature causes harm to the individual. It can not have to be drugs, alcohol or gambling. It can be food, video games or even sports. 


30 young people from Tunisia, Italy, Jordan, Algeria, Netherlands and Greece who are motivated to learn to face dependency problems due to their personal problems or problems by their close friends took part in this project. The main objective is to reduce risks of addiction to young people. Addiction is a dangerous form of illness for the human body. In the program the participants try to investigate the nature of the addiction and how to prevent it. During this program we are trying to present our recommendations and propose solutions. This is achieved through interactive discussions and actions, theatrical play and cultural evenings.


As a result of this program a website was created with photos, videos from all the actions and gathered information about the addiction themes. Click here, to visit the website!

This project was co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.