Training course "Speak Factor" Gandario, Spain

Hello! My name is Maria and together with Christos we participated in the Erasmus + project  "Speak Factor" at Gandario, Spain during the period 15/11-22/11. The aim of the training was to improve our personal skills speaking in front of an audience.


We shared this unique experience with 17 other participants from 9 different countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Estonia, Romania, Portugal, Georgia and Northern Macedonia. This cultural exchange was very interesting with more similarities than differences.


During the week we learned how to give a speech to an audience working for example on body language, non-verbal communication, emotions, gestures. All the activities took place in a team work environment in a very fun way. We were very lucky with the weather and we were able to carry out the lessons and do the practice outside, such as in the stadiums and the small theater that were in our accommodation but also on the beach that was right next to the facilities. We also learned how to do feedback in order to develop our self-awareness.


At the end of the week we had to put into practice what we learned during the training course by speaking in a room with a real audience of 60 people. An unforgettable experience with a lot of knowledge and friends. We hope all of you to have a similar opportunity and experience like ours !!!




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program