Training course "Rural Innovation" in Greoux Le Bains, France

The training course "Rural Innovation" took place in Greoux Le Bains, France. The aim of this training course was to develop social innovation and support youth initiatives in European rural areas.


The main objectives of this projcet were: 

  • Discovering social innovative initiatives
  • Guide and provide inspiration to youth and youth organization to develop project integrating social innovations in rural areas
  • Initiate a transfer of youth worker’s tools and projects
  • Strengthen youth workers capacities to support young entrepreneurs
  • Sharing on sustainable development and local resources management good practices
  • Meeting European organizations, to elaborate new cooperation projects

The areas they had to focus on were:

  • Youth participation to collective life in rural territory
  • Taking the territory’s resources to develop innovative social initiatives
  • Water, as a natural resource to develop social innovations
  • Sustainable development education

Below you can read about the experience of a Greek participant who took part in this training course.


"Rural innovation was an amazing training course which took place in Greoux Le Bains in southern France. Greoux Le Bains is a small town but although its size full of history and stunning natural beauty.. A group of 25 people from all around Europe (Greece, France, Croatia, Slovakia, Germany, Romania) created an excellent company. I am so glad that I was able to participate in this project as it combined interesting workshops on social innovation, I had the chance to meet local actors and  to discuss about possible collaborations. Moreover we visited  various farms and we learned  different practices. All this in combination with the various activities like swimming, canoe kayak made me very happy.  This training course was an unforgettable memory for everyone and I strongly recommend to anyone to do something similar. "




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program