Activities at refugee camps/ accommodation facilities, 2019

In the beginning of the year, we continued our activities with children of Agia Eleni as the previous years and by the middle of the year, in collaboration with Intersos Hellas, we did a reform to our activities of Child Friendly Space. We improved and updated our working protocol towards increased safety and education of the children by setting additional rules for the children taking part in our activities and by investing in our capacity and variety of activities we offer. 


We developed two separated daily activity programs for children of age groups in 1-4 and 5-12 years old. To the younger group of children, we offered activities that would develop their social interaction, motor skills and understanding about the world around them. For the children in the older age group we offered activities that were recreational that would promote their English and Greek communication, team cooperation, artistic, creative and sports skills. Our activities were also designed to promote positive behaviour development in children and assist them in non-formal education on various topics in relation to the nature, hygiene, game play, friendship, etc. 


Additional task of our volunteers was to follow the behaviour and mood of the children, to tackle and improve any minor behaviour issues and report the issues to the social workers in order to improve the general psychological well being of the children. 


CFS activity was supported by a team of local and international ECS volunteers, all of them would first have to pass mandatory training activities before starting the work with children. 


These activities were supported by local and European Solidarity Corps volunteers. 

These activities were supported by European Solidarity Corps program of the European Commission.