Youth exchange “Protect ME to protect YOU” in Velingrad, Bulgaria

Between 23.05-27.05.2023, in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, a youth exchange entitled "Protect ME to protect YOU" took place in Velingrad, Bulgaria, organised by the National Association of Volunteers in the Republic of Bulgaria (NADRB), with the participation of 30 young people from Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Serbia and Romania. A young Greek participant mentioned:


"Embracing Growth: My Unforgettable Erasmus Plus Journey.

Participating in the Erasmus+ program was a transformative chapter in our lives. From the moment we arrived in a new country, we embraced the challenges and opportunities that came our way. Through cultural immersion, academic enrichment, and forging lifelong connections, our Erasmus+ experience broadened our horizons and nurtured personal growth. We discovered the beauty of diversity, expanded our knowledge, and developed essential life skills.


During this experience, we had the privilege of immersing ourselves in a vibrant and diverse environment. We embraced the local customs, tried traditional foods, and participated in festivals, fostering a deep appreciation for the host country's heritage. Through the connections we made, we developed lasting friendships that continue to enrich our lives. Erasmus+ empowered us to become a global citizen, leaving us with cherished memories and a newfound confidence to navigate the world. The program's impact is immeasurable, and we would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a transformative journey of self-discovery and global understanding."




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program