Ioannina Survival Pocket Book

Ioannina Survival Pocket Book
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This digital pocket book will guide you through Ioannina city and will make  you discover the most beautiful sites of Epirus region. It also includes basic vocabulary for daily life, with easy pronunciation for English speakers, and useful information when staying in or visiting Ioannina or Epirus region of Greece .


PERFECT FOR: asylum seekers, refugees, tourists, visitors, Erasmus students, volunteers, people interested to visit Ioannina and Epirus region. 


From the author: “With this book I would like that people to discover and feel like locals in Ioannina city and in Epirus, a region not very known abroad but that hides beautiful gems. Given that I grew up in a philhellene family, Greece has been very present in my life since I was born and nowadays it plays an esential role in my persona. For this reason, I decided to create this book, to transmit my beautiful feelings about this country to the newcomers and maybe, who knows, to arouse people's curiosity to learn Greek. Don't feel scared about the language! The best tip that I can give you is to break the language barrier and feel comfortable - try the sentences you will find in the poskcet book with the locals!”


The pocket book was created by our ESC volunteer Marta Alonso Mamolar in a special collaboration with another ESC volunteer Joseph Taher who is the responsible for the wonderful and creative cover that represents one of the main  attractions of Ioannina.


You can download it here for free! If you would like to receive a printed version, visitour office at Kaplani 10, Ioannina!


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