Training course "Multimedia Publishing in Education" Huelva, in Spain

From 8 to 12 May, we had the opportunity through the Erasmus+ programme to participate in the Training Course ¨Multimedia Publishing in Education¨ and visit the beautiful and historic city of Huelva in Spain. The overall objective of this project is to equip educators and students with the tools necessary to publish multimedia material in today's content-based online experience. This training course also seeks to highlight the importance of online communication and presentation, so that participants understand the key points of creating engaging and exciting online content.


As such, the training course focused on training staff and teachers from educational centres in the use of digital tools to be able to organise, create, edit and share documents, information, supporting materials in various multimedia formats for the use of students in their educational process and for the educational team. After this training course in Huelva, the participants were much more aware of the power of digital tools and the right way to use them, and through the interactive guidance of our trainers, they were able to create attractive online content and learn about the principles and importance of multimedia in the educational process.´


This Training Course is part of KA122-ADU - Short-term projects for mobility of learners and staff in adult education called Youth Center of Epirus working for the promotion of innovation in adult education through resource and content creation and multimedia publishing. In the framework of this project, a previous mobility has taken place in Huelva, Spain, from 6 to 10 March, entitled "Tools Supporting Educational Innovation", aimed at promoting digital innovation environments and pedagogical practices that can be used in mentoring and training processes.

 This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program