Training Course "Mindfulness" in Murzasichle, Poland

A participant of this training course writes:


"I was lucky enough to participate in an excellent Mindfulness training course organised by Fundacja Ekonomisja in the picturesque village of Murzasichle, Poland. The activity was held from May 29 to June 7, 2024 and brought together 30 participants from various countries, including Greece, Albania, Spain, Italy, Italy, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland and Spain.


As a lecturer and teacher from Greece with a passion for education, this program was an invaluable experience for me. The beautiful landscape of the mountains surrounding Murzasichle, with its tranquillity and natural beauty, was the ideal environment to deepen my Mindfulness practices. Every day we participated in activities such as meditation, yoga and nature walks, which helped us to develop our mindfulness and connect more deeply with ourselves and others.


One of my favorite activities was "Recognizing Emotions through People's Expressions". This activity encouraged us to carefully observe people's facial expressions and recognize their emotions. As a teacher, I found this exercise extremely useful as it provided me with new tools to better understand my students and respond to their emotional needs.


The multicultural composition of the participants was one of the most interesting elements of the programme. I exchanged views and experiences with teachers and professionals from different countries, which enriched our discussions and interactions. The diversity of perspectives and cultural backgrounds helped to create a rich and dynamic learning community.


Fundacja Ekonomisja organised the training course with exceptional attention to detail and professionalism. The instructors were highly qualified and passionate about their subject matter, guiding us sensitively and understandingly throughout the program.


Returning to Greece, I bring with me valuable knowledge and Mindfulness techniques, as well as wonderful memories and new friendships developed in this magical place. This experience not only enriched my professional career, but also enhanced my personal growth".


After the training course, participants of the course carried out a local activity which informed our organisation and young people about the results of the project and specific activities and their learning outcomes. 


Furthermore, a toolbox was created during the training course, which is a document including specific activity descriptions that can be carried out with young people in the context of youth work.  You can download the document below.

ToolKit Mindfulness.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 18.8 MB




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program