Youth exchange "Mind your Mind" Sebes, Romania

Our story begins on September 15, 2021 where 10 Greeks met at the airport of Athens to start our journey to Romania and specifically to the beautiful city of Sebeș. Representing Greece, we arrived excited to meet people from other countries, to network and spend all 10 days full of knowledge and fun in the youth exchange entitled "Mind Your Mind" from 15 to 24 September 2021.


The goal of the project was to learn more about mental health and to break down the stigma and stereotypes that frame mental disorders, of course, in an environment of acceptance and mutual help. In addition, the goal was to realize how important communication and teamwork are in resolving issues we may face. The methods we met and dealt with in our activities were: psychodrama, labyrinth theater, public café, living library, photovoice and teambuilding. Each day contained games, a variety of non-formal learning activities with the above methods, presentations and discussions, where we had the opportunity through a constructive dialogue to share our views, experiences and knowledge on issues that include mental health, such as for example ways of psychotherapy.


In addition, each group was given the opportunity to present their country, aspects of its culture and history. In fact, we served Greek traditional food and drinks to our European friends, danced traditional dances and gave a taste of Greek music. Respectively, we got to know traditions, tasted flavors from Portugal, North Macedonia and Romania and all together we danced, with fun, the local dances. Finally, we took many walks in the city and visited the beautiful Red Mountains.


In general, all together, working as a team, we created a safe environment where everyone could share their experiences and concerns, we helped and stood by each other, even breaking down any stereotypes about mental disorders. We also realized how much these programs help break down stereotypes about other cultures, socialize and multicultural dialogue.


Within 10 days we were filled with knowledge and met new people with whom we formed friendships that can last regardless of the distance that separates us. It is worth noting that this program not only helped us get to know other people, but also contributed to getting to know ourselves and our potential better and learning ways to optimize our own mental health, as, of course, that of people around us.


We would like to warmly thank the Youth Center of Epirus for this wonderful experience that it offered us and also for all the opportunities they give to young people every day through all their participation in Erasmus+ programs. 

Click here in order to watch a video made from the participants of the project!




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program