Training course "Mental Health for Young People with Chronic Conditions" Craiova, Romania

Subject: Design Thinking and Psychodrama. The program focused on mental health and aimed at the global cultivation of psychodrama techniques and design thinking, took place in a picturesque city of Romania, Craiova from 25/10 until 05/11 with participants from different countries like Romania, Turkey, Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece and Croatia.


It lasted 12 days, enough to adequately understand as youth workers the main points of the program, to make new friendships and in general to explore the city. The first days were focused mostly to know each other, we would say the "breaking of the ice". In other words, a first acquaintance took place and at the same time the “team's contract” was drafted.


More specifically, we discussed the rules according to which we would like the team to operate, in order for everyone to set their own limits and not be offended by the procedures that will follow under the program. Then we practiced psychodrama techniques such as Mirroring and Doubles. These are two representative games - psychodrama techniques that helped us gain knowledge about ourselves and others in a more fun and creative way. We can not miss the games of trust (eg Blindfolding) that state "present" in most youth exchange programs and training courses, as they bring participants closer and contribute to the cultivation of an atmosphere of intimacy.


In the end, it was a unique experience that will surely be unforgettable. It sounds graphic but only if you step out of your comfort zone and try it you will understand the experience you get from programs like this.




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program