Youth Exchange “Erasmus LGBTQIA+” in Lama Dei Peligni, Italy

In the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, the youth exchange "Erasmus LGBTQIA+" took place in Lama Dei Peligni, Italy, from 12 September to 20 September 2023. The youth exchange "Erasmus LGBTQIA+", was a project organised by 01 21 Aps association. This project was a mobility for those who want to contribute to the promotion of an adequate and youthful communication of the civil rights of the queer community in countries with different social and cultural dynamics. This youth exchange involved 25 participants from Italy, Spain, Spain, Turkey, Germany and Greece. A young person from the Greek group reports:


"Our trip to the mountain village of Lama de Pelini gave us the opportunity to get to know the Italian countryside and its beautiful mountains. As part of the project, we met people from different parts of Europe and managed to connect and understand each other and the problems we face as LGBTQ+ people. We learned definitions and words to be all inclusive but also codes of communication to facilitate our interpersonal relationships. We also met artists who work with Queer as a theme and we were given the opportunity to express ourselves through art in different activities throughout the youth exchange.


We wandered around the village and in neighbouring villages in the area and saw various sights such as churches, parks etc. We met with the mayor of the area and discussed LGBTQ+ issues and suggested initiatives that could be carried out there. Finally, we created an electronic zine that includes images and texts that we created around the queer experience and how we perceive it as units and as a collective".




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program.