Ioannina Lake Festival!

The two day long Lake Festival took place in Paralimnio Fun Park of Ioannina, on 21st and 22nd of June 2019.  The festival was organized by Youth center of Epirus with support from


In an atmosphere of optimism and joy, people of all ages were invited, had fun, sang and danced. On Friday June 21, the Ioannina Lake Festival opened its gates to the people for  #LakeMyDay. Artists from the Rock and Reggae music scene, such as Locomondo, Leonidas Balafas and Folk N Roll, as well as Mojave Sky and Vangelis Kosinas, stirred up the epic stage of the Ioannina Lake Festival by adding their own touch, creating a unique atmosphere.


On Saturday, June 22, everyone's favorite #ColourBoom returned: a huge party of colours, with Pop and Rap music artists such as Eleni Foureira, Anastasios Rammos, Matina Zara, Mike, Violetta Torianyk as well as DJ NIGMA  and Dj Tsitos. As soon as the sign was given, the sky was filled with colours, resulting in an incredible atmosphere of joy and fun. During those two days, there were many activities for all ages that kept the pulse of the Festival high.


We would like to warmly thank the presenters of the second day, who were Miltos Gitas and Sevi Efthymiou and all the people who embraced and honoured us with their presence, give us the strength, motivation and energy to think about the next Ioannina Lake Festival! 


Main sponsor: School Genesis



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