Youth exchange '' Interstellar Inclusion '' in Passignano, Italy

Below you can read the words of a Greek participant who took part in this youth exchange.


''Last October I had the opportunity to participate in an youth exchange in Passignano, Italy named “Interstellar Inclusion”. It was about social inclusion with some activities that involved astronomy knowledge. 36 people from 6 different countries (Finland, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Greece) participated in this project making obvious that no matter the different cultures, backgrounds and roots, we are all in fact the same.


This project made me embrace the different and the unknown and appreciate the differences more than the similarities that I have with people. Everyone has a story to tell you if you listen carefully and you are willing to accept different opinions.


What happened in the farm we lived was something unbelievable. I met people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise and I can say that I have friends from all around Europe. Often, I think about how powerful this experience was and how it all made us feel connected to one another. The multicultural experience helped me improve my social abilities and not to judge by the first impression. It made me grow both social and cultural awareness of topics I was oblivious to. This youth exchange changed my attitude and my perspective of life. ''




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program