Youth exchange "HOW TO LGBTQ+ Vol2"

From 2nd to 12th of November 2019, Youth Center of Epirus hosted an international youth exchange project in Stavroskiadi village of Ioannina, Greece. This was the second edition of HOW TO LGBTQ+ series of youth projects where 30 young people from Greece, France, Croatia, Portugal and Spain took part. 

General objectives of HOW TO LGBTQ+ projects are to:


* To raise the awareness about issues that concern the LGBTQ+ community, especially the youth;

* To learn about and promote different ways in which people who do not identify as heterosexual deal with social discrimination, as well as to learn how to help a fellow citizen not to feel conflicted about their sexual orientation and gender identity;

* To learn more about the addressing of the subject in other countries and exchange opinions among young people on improving the life of young LGBTQ+ people, as in developing their social lives;


* To promote European and Mediterranean values, tolerance, human rights, respect, freedom, cultures and international collaboration among young people, youth leaders and organisations.


*  To create a promotional material about LGBTQ+ issues and to reduce hate speech and hate crimes among young Europeans. 

 During the youth exchange, participants joined in various non-formal educational activities such as group discussions, structured dialogues, short research and presentations, creation of awareness raising material - short docu-fiction movies on LGBTQ+ theme. The movies were presented to the local youth of Ioannina during a public event in the end of the youth exchange. and of course they are available to public on the website of the project ( On the website you can also get information about the first edition of HOW TO LGBTQ+ youth exchange and access all created material (photos, videos) which are for public use. 


Participants also enjoyed intercultural learning in cultural nights with music, food, dances and games, as well as they got to know Epirus region of Greece by visiting Ioannina, Monodendri village, Vikos gorge and archaeological place of Dodoni. 




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program