Training course "Grow your NGO in Romania"

Grow your NGO was a training course involving 11 partners from 9 countries. The course was held in August 2016 in Tirgu Frumos, Iasi. The countries involved were Romania, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Macedonia and the UK.


The project aimed to develop entrepreneurial competences among 33 young people interested to develop their own youth organizations through social entrepreneurship initiatives. During eight days, young people participated in several activities, presentations, discussions, exercises, workshops, study visits in order to share best practices on how to develop an organization with limited resources.


Participants had the opportunity to develop skills and competencies through non-formal education. The young people involved were supported to develop new projects for their sending organizations and reflect on personal development projects as social entrepreneurs.

Video of one educational game played during the discovery of a local village




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program