Youth exchange "Green Erasmus" Sibiu, Romania

From 1st until 10th of May, the Youth Center of Epirus gave us the opportunity to participate in the youth exchange programme "Green Erasmus" in Sibiu, Romania, in order to be trained on environmental issues. The Greek team consisted of one leader and 6 other participants. 


There, through the use of non-formal learning methods and activities, we were informed about global warming, climate change (melting of permafrost, sea level rise or retreat, extreme heat waves, decrease/increase of rainfall), as well as the course of the earth if current human habits do not change. 


In particular, we learned how overconsumption, combined with waste dumping, degrade nature, uncontrolled livestock farming and the indiscriminate production and use of energy based on lignite, promotes the greenhouse effect and all of the above combined promote the occurrence of extreme weather phenomena at all latitudes and longitudes of the earth (violent storms, devastating forest fires, intense urban and offshore flooding, etc.). 


We learned how to be more environmentally friendly in our daily lives by using less water, buying conscientiously, supporting smaller businesses, reducing our use of plastic and choosing public transport more often. In addition, we were informed about the potential of renewable energy sources, as their footprint on the planet is negligible compared to conventional energy sources. 


Apart from the educational part, however, we all gained a special experience, as we made new friends, met people from other countries and all became one company. We shared our thoughts and concerns, as well as our traditions as a people, especially in terms of food and fun. It was 10 wonderful and full days, which filled us with valuable knowledge and priceless memories. 




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program