2nd Global Bubble Parade in Ioannina. Day of joy and happiness!

On Sunday, the Youth Center of Epirus in collaboration with the Genesis Schools organized the "2nd Global Bubble Parade" a small celebration of joy and happiness in the central square of Ioannina. The Global Bubble Parade is an international movement that promotes joy and brings the society closer.


86 cities from 52 countries are participating. Through this event, people share the belief that happiness is a journey and not the destination. The action started at 10:00 in the morning in the central square of Ioannina with music, dance, interactive and sports games, laughter therapy, animators, treats from local companies and many surprises.


Later, the parade started with a lot of fun and joy, from the central square down to Mavili Square where the music concert was held by the band BAHALOWS. The message was one: To blow thousands of soap bubbles, in order to spread our positive energy and joy to the local community!


Finally, thumbs up to all those who helped us realise the 2nd Global Bubble Parade Ioannina and especially the organizers!


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