EYES ON EU is a long-term Erasmus+ KA3 project that will run for two and half years. The project is coordinated by Eurasia Net based in France, in cooperation with the Youth Center of Epirus in Greece, Continuous Action in Estonia, Europe House Slavonski Brod in Croatia and Asociatia D 'Avent in Romania.


The aim of the project is to address different European values with creative writing and cinematography of six consecutive episodes. In the center of focus is the European Union and the values that it represents; each docu-fiction format episode will last twenty minutes and will place in a different European country. This project includes local work, international coordination meetings and two international youth exchanges. 



KICK OFF meeting in Tallin, Estonia


This meeting took place in December 2018 in Tallin, where representatives of each involved organisation started the work on planning project's logistics, details and local work. 

Youth Exchange in Marseille, France


The first Youth Exchange took place from 6th to 13th og March 2019 in Marseille, France. Each organization participated with four participants and one team leader.


During the exchange,  discussions took place in order to find the themes that each national team of young people will dedicate their episode to. the themes selected are democracy, environment, gender equality, intercultural dimension, social inclusion of migrants. 

During the youth exchange, Participants also had the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge in film production, story boarding and collective writing. Workshops were held with help of experts who coordinated the work of participants. The methods used during the youth exchange were theatrical plays, debates, exercises, interactive plays, collective writing activities, visits, presentations, etc. 

Local work in Ioannina


After the meeting in Tallin, each partner organisation recruited young volunteers who want to work on the project. First ideas were exchanged right away but the real local work started after the youth exchange in Marseille. 


At the end of the first Youth Exchange in Marseille, participants returned to Ioannina with new ideas and appetite for work. During the meetings that followed the Greek team of YCE shared their experiences of the youth exchange with other members of the team who didn't take part in it.  All volunteers met many times in order to discuss and brainstorm about the topic of the Greek episode - Democracy. Participants found materials (articles, films, books, videos) on the subject for inspiration and started to work on script writing of their episode. 


Meeting in Ioannina, Greece


Each national team sent 2 people for an international meeting in Greece, hosted by Youth Center of Epirus. Both young people and project coordinators took part in the 2 days meeting in 2 the days meeting (30th-31st of June 2019) in order to follow up the work of each team. Participants of the meeting shared written scenarios of each country, exchanges ideas and suggestions, worked on script writing of the last episode and discussed about the next step of the project - shooting of the series. The filming will start in September 2019, therefore the teams are now involving subcontractors - audio visual experts and continuing to work in close collaboration with them. 

Meeting in Bucharest


Each partner organization sent two participants to this meeting – one of the youths involved in the project and one representative of the organization. During this two-day meeting, they discussed about the progress of each team’s local work, about the collaboration between youth and the sub-contracted filming companies, about general project management decisions and of course, about the last episode that is planned to be filmed in 2020.



Youth from each national team presented their situation of the local work and everyone else, especially the professional movie maker contracted by the coordinating organization gave a feedback and advices on their work.

DEMOcracy - The Greek Episode


The youth group worked very hard on the script, casting and shooting plan of their episode. It was finally filmed on January 2020, in collaboration with our local subcontractor Socolata. The process was supported by IEK DELTA 360, Saligaros and 14 additional local volunteers (actors). 

Editing of the episode was done over a long period of time, until the end of of the year. Covid-19 disrupted the local work at some level, for example, the second international youth exchange was held online in September 2020 and the series premiere events are also held online, in April 2021. 

Follow the official Facebook page of the EYES on EU web series www.facebook.com/eyesoneuthewebseries to see online premiere videos of each of the 6 episodes and keep updated about local closing events of the project in your city on the social media of YC Epirus!

DEMOcracy Trailer

EP 03 DEMOcracy

This is the full episode DEMOcracy which is the third episode of the project, filmed in Ioannina, Greece. 


See the other episodes and discussions with youth, actors and coordinators involved in the project on social media of the project!




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Kick off meeting in Estonia

Youth exchange in France

Meeting in Greece

Meeting in Bucharest

Local work and filming of the Greek episode

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission