Youth Exchange "Eco changemakers" in Ramnicu-Valcea, Romania

From the 20th to the 27th of June 2023 we participated in the youth exchange Eco changemakers in Ramnicu-Valcea, Romania. One of the most significant aspects of our trip was the introduction to numerous eco-friendly solutions. We learned various ways to integrate sustainable practices into our daily routines. This experience highlighted the impact of our actions on the environment and inspired us to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. We also gained a deeper appreciation for environmental stewardship. The trip underscored the critical importance of saving our planet, motivating us to contribute more actively to conservation efforts and green activism.


Our connection to nature was profoundly strengthened by participating in activities centered around environmental topics and visiting beautiful green landscapes, including parks and protected forests. These experiences not only educated us but also nurtured a greater sense of responsibility towards nature.


On the social front, we had the incredible opportunity to meet people from various countries. This interaction helped us understand the importance of cultural unity and diversity, fostering a sense of global community and cooperation. These cultural exchanges were enriching and helped us recognize the value of being united with people from different backgrounds.


Last but certainly not least, our language skills saw significant improvement. We had ample opportunities to practice and improve our English, which boosted our confidence and will serve us well in future international engagements.


In summary, our time spent participating in the Erasmus+ project was immensely rewarding. We enjoyed every moment and are enthusiastic about participating in similar projects in the future, eager to continue learning and growing through such valuable experiences.




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program