The Other Greece

Mathys Cousin and Elise Signol, volunteers at the Youth Center of Epirus through the European Solidarity Corps programme, decided to create a documentary about the region of Epirus, rich in history and nature. An unknown and wild Greece that hides great gems!

Documentary premiere: "The Other Greece", by Elise Signol and Mathys Cousin



 Let’s discover “The Other Greece”, a documentary about the history of the Epirus region!


This content creation was made by our two french volunteers, Élise Signol & Mathys Cousin, through the European Solidarity Corps and the support of EurasiaNET and Youth Center of Epirus. They realized this video during the last 5 months, traveling around the area to discover and highlight this land.  

Documentary premiere event invitation

We are very proud to announce the release of our four-month project. The documentary about the history of Epirus will be online next Friday, the 5th of August. This content creation is a big part of our volunteering at the Youth Center of Epirus, through the European Solidarity Corps and the support of Eurasianet.


We also invite you to come at the office of YCE to watch it together! Let's meet on Friday, August 5th, at 8.30 p.m. We really hope you'll enjoy our movie as much as we had the joy to make it!


Waiting for it,


Elise Signol, Mathys Cousin and the team of the Youth Center of Epirus.

Photos of Arta and Nikopolis, by Elise Signol

The documentary is in progress! Last sunny Saturday, the two volunteers Elise and Mathys traveled all around Epirus to shoot famous places like Nikopolis and Arta. Here are some pictures as a teaser.


Teaser of the documentary "The Other Greece"


Selection of photos, by Elise Signol

Documentary about Epirus: Intention note by Elise Signol and Mathys Cousin


Who we are?

We are two french folks and in March 2022, we discovered Greece for the first time. From France, we already had images from this country in mind: postal cards from Santorini, countless islands, Athens Acropolis, scorching heat, and the sea so blue. What a surprise to cross mountains with snow-covered pines to reach Ioannina. We will spend six months as volunteers coming from another country in this region of Epirus that we know nothing about. Still, as soon as we did our first walks and meetings, the richness of the landscapes and the stories slowly revealed themselves to us, giving way to a feeling of excitement and the wish to discover more.


What is our project?

And so, the desire of sharing our discovery was born. Our project is to shoot a short or mid-length documentary about Epirus in Greece, to enhance this unknown region. Landscapes are as majestic as they are rugged because omnipresent mountains and forests are not favorable to agriculture and human occupation. However, traces of civilization in Epirus date back thousands of years, and it has been and will always be a territory rich in history and traditions. We hope to show how humans have tamed this wilderness, from Ancient Greece to Modern times.

Documentary about Epirus: Intention note
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