Youth exchange "DigiTales" in Stavroskiadi and Ioannina, Greece from 1st to 8th of December 2016

Nowadays, modern technologies, digital skills and ICT are a significant part of most young people’s lives, in daily and professional aspects- having skills in ITC and work with technologies is very useful. But what’s most important – such skills are required by more and more employers and might be validated very high which makes the skills very important especially now when there are tragically high unemployment rates among young people of EU.


We realized this project, because it could promote digital competences and ITC skills among participants of this project. We wanted to show participants the ways how to engage creativity, imagination and personality in work with technologies while documenting an activity in order to increase the interest in learning more about modern technology for professional needs.


30 young from Greece, Latvia, Spain, Romania and Estonia took part in this project and it promoted the importance and usage of new technologies and ICT nowadays for professional needs among the participants of the project and among youth of EU; developed skills of participants working with several digital devices and programs, such as, personal computers, digital photo and video cameras, voice recorders, video, photo and sound altering programs; developed skills of participants in documentation of activities and of self-monitoring during a learning process with a help of modern technology; promoted intercultural learning, intercultural diversity, cross cultural collaboration and experience exchange people among the participants of the project and the youth of EU; empowered young people of EU and contributed to tackling the youth unemployment situation.




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program