Training course "Decide Youth" Salzburg, Austria

Our participation in the Decide Youth programme in Salzburg, Austria on 25/6/2022-2/7/2022 was an unforgettable learning experience provided by the Youth Centre of Epirus. For one week we had the opportunity to take part in an interesting training course on decision making, planning and developing youth initiatives. At the same time, we enriched our knowledge about the organisation of European youth programmes.


Our initial concerns and anxieties about the programme and coexistence with participants from other countries disappeared from the very first meeting with the organisers and other young people.


The organisers were impeccable. Communicative, knowledgeable and willing to help. The participants from Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain were enthusiastic and friendly. The practices used by the trainers were highly imaginative and original and encouraged teamwork and the creation of friendly relationships. Overall, the programme was tailored to our needs and met our expectations. Our stay in Salzburg went well. We strolled through the picturesque streets, toured the castle relaxed chatting or drinking by the river or international nights and other happenings organized by the host organization are some of the memorable moments of the trip.


In conclusion, the benefits of our participation in the "Decide youth" project are multiple. New friendships with children from different countries, getting to know their culture and culture, increasing our interest in participating in similar projects in the future and of course new knowledge and creative ideas for taking initiatives for youth activities.




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program