CommEUnication – Youth Engagement for Communicating the EU

The project aims at countering euro-scepticism through the construction of a new strategy of communication able to promote a correct understanding of the EU, its values and its benefits and at empowering citizens to widen their civic participation and to tackle disinformation. To achieve this, the project will focus on the analysis of the EU general perception in each participating country, and on the promotion of targeted information in those policy areas that represent a priority in the EU agenda, but which are also more susceptible to disinformation, and on the creation of new communication tools able to respond to the needs of the European community.


The coordinating partner of this project is Italian Federation for Human rights and other partners are YC Epirus (Greece), European Centre for Economic and Policy Analysis and Affairs (Belgium), Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Culture and Education (Bulgaria), Associação Social Recreativa Cultural e Bem Fazer Vai Avante (Portugal), TASC Europe Studies Company Limited by Guarantee (Ireland), Centre for European Studies of Lund University (Sweden).


Partnering organisations of this project intend to implement a total of 11 events (both local and international) shaped on the basis of the results of a survey conducted with the aim to get a better and broader understanding of the disinformation phenomenon in the EU and to better respond to the actual needs of European citizens. Upon analysis of such results, local thematic, informative, educational, and interactive trainings addressed to students and young professionals of different backgrounds will be conducted in order to fill the information gaps and to facilitate civil and democratic participation in European policy making. Such trainings are preparatory to the final phase of the project: two creative labs where a selected group of training participants, led by young creative professionals selected on voluntary basis, are asked to shape the ideas developed during the interactive sessions, into new ways of communicating Europe. The final media outputs will be presented to the public during the final event and then distributed through all available channels for a considerable multiplier effect in order to be used from anyone at every level to communicate Europe effectively.

Kick-Off meeting online, May 2021

On 10th of May 2021, all seven consortium partners participated in a full day online Kick Off meeting in order to launch the project, to take last decisions on the communication plan and, most importantly, to finalise the survey which is the first step of implementation of this project. The survey will concentrate on EU citizens' awareness of EU processes, institutions, issues and misinformation, the survey will be completed by 1000 EU citizens during the next months and it will set the tone for the rest of the project's implementation, local and international activities and possible outcomes. 

Survey presentation in Dublin, October 2021

The #CommEUnication Consortium is ready to meet in Dublin on October 7 for its first event which will be hosted by our partner TASC Europe Studies Company.


Join us to learn more about the project and to find out the results of our Survey and how you can play an active role with us in order to fight Euroscepticism and tackle disinformation.


You will meet speakers from each partner organisation. The live streaming of the conference will be available on our CommEUnication Facebook page!

This project has been funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.


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