Training Course "CIRI Vol2 – Cooperation for Improved Refugee Integration, Vol2" in Ioannina, Greece from 6th to 13th October 2022

Training course "CIRI Vol2 – Cooperation for Improved of Refugee Integration, Vol2" was implemented from 6th until 13th of October 2022 in Ioannina, Greece. The international training course was hosted by Youth Center of Epirus, and it was funded by Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.


47 social workers, youth workers, educators, and volunteers participated in the training course in order to exchange professional experiences, improve their competences, discover educational tools and develop a book which is both a guide and a non-formal education activity toolbox for people working in the field of asylum seeker, refugee and displaced people integration.  

General Context of the Project

YC  Epirus is involved with activities regarding asylum seeker and refugee integration since 2016, when an increased influx of asylum seekers started in our region. Firstly, assisting the work of other international organisations, we created non-formal education activity programs for children and younger teenagers. Later on, in 2020, our organisation officially opened Asylum Seeker Integration Department and worked on specific long term projects that provide accommodation, legal, education, medical and other types of support and referrals to asylum seekers and refugees in Ioannina. By taking part in various training activities and projects and, most importantly, managing our own local work, our organisation YC Epirus gathered extensive experience in the field. Therefore, an idea for hosting international training activities and networking within the field appeared. 


It was the second time YC Epirus hosted a training course on this subject – in 2019, CIRI Vol1 was implemented with nice outcomes especially in experience exchange, gain of practical youth work skills and networking. You can read about CIRI Vol1 here: This second edition of CIRI training course projects concentrated on continuous cooperation of some of the original partners of the first CIRI edition, with involvement of new organisation working in the field, with larger amount of involved participants and professionals, and with a greater produced outcomes. 


Partner organisations supporting CIRI Vol2 project are: Youth Innovation Forum Society (Jordan), Have a Dream (Egypt), In Motion (Armenia), Together for Success (North Macedonia), MilleniuM (Republic of Moldova), Idee in Movimento (Italy), UNIT (Ukraine), Internationale Arbeidsverenig (The Netherlands), Scout Society (Romania), uMunthu (Lithuania), Aydin Adnan Menderes University (Turkiye), Eurasia NET (France), and Taller d'Art, Cultura i Creació (Spain). 

Aims of the Project

CIRI Vol2 aimed to improve the quality of asylum seeker and refugee integration process across affected communities in many countries, by improving and multiplying specific competences of youth workers, social workers and volunteers, and by giving space for best practice exchange and innovation. 


Specifically, all objectives of the project are: 

* To increase the quality of refugee (especially young refugee) integration on international level;

* To promote young refugee social inclusion and acceptance in their new communities, as well as empower them and provide better access to opportunities;

* To significantly improve relevant competences (especially on humanitarian work ethics and principles, safety and protection, protection from sexual abuse and exploitation, protection of minors, inclusive work approaches, use of non-formal education and reflection, ect.) to 47 youth workers, volunteers and other professionals socially working with young refugees, and to enable them as multiplyers;

* To promote cooperation and experience exchange between 14 organizations and 47 people working in the field (participants) from 14 countries that work with young refugees;

* To produce and promote a booklet that can serve as a policy suggestion, a supportive guide and a toolbox for youth workers (and other professionals) engaged with young refugees;

* To promote the use of Erasmus+ program as a tool to raise the quality in youth/social work and integration of young refugees.

Activities of the Training Course

During the training course, 47 participants from 14 countries joined various non-formal educational activities, such as team building and local neighborhood cultural heritage discovery activities, World Cafe activity about sharing their local realities related to the topic, got to know EDIC resources that coul dbe useful in their work, learned and discussed humanitarian principles, safety, security and protection policies, child protection and PSEA (protection from sexual exploitation and abuse) policies, discussions and sharing about empathy and sociological imagination, workshops about diversity, family and society interventions, health, and cultural heritage and expression, theater activity "Theater of Oppressed", watching and discussing of short videos and a movie, NGO fair, workshop on the individual-professional future goals of participants, sharing ideas and tools for the book to be produced, best practice sharing by international organisations working in field (IOM and INTERSOS), and other activities that promoted exchange and networking. 

The Guide - Toolbox

(COMING SOON!) Here you can download the digital book created by the hosting organisation and participants of the CIRI Vol2 project. The book is meant especially for youth workers, social workers, educators, care takers and other professionals involved in asylum seeker, refugee and displaced people integration field. The book includes guidance and tools for newcomers and professionals looking to improve their quality of work, mostly concentrating on safety and protection, and non-formal education. The book is free to use and share with anyone. If only extracts of the content are used, it should be referenced. 

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This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program.