Training course "C- EYES: Civil Involvement of European Youth by Entrepreneurship and Social Business" in France from 3rd to 9th of May 2016

Our organization took part in an international seminar in Marseille, France. The training course was implemented under the Erasmus+ program, KA1 between the organisations from France, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Estonia, Romania and Slovenia.


The main aims of this training course were to exchange practices from each country partner about social business, to build and share youth workers’ skills in developing social business plans with the youth, to sensitize youth to social business opportunities and to create a strategy and materials for doing so. 


All local experiences, testimonies, good practices and examples were collected to create  an international guide on social entrepreneurship, accessible and understandable to anybody in the world.  Members of this network will organize an online mentoring and supporting system for youth from any country to develop their own activity at a local or international level. 




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program