Training course  "Biodiversity Initiatives" Ourense, Spain


Between 20-27/10/2022 we participated in an Erasmus+ project with the title "biodiversity initiatives" in Ourense, Spain. In fact, the training course took place in a small village about half an hour from Ourense. During our week-long stay, we had the opportunity to meet people of different ages and nationalities (Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Portugal, Greece) and to coexist harmoniously with them, creating new friendships.


The theme of the programme was biodiversity and sustainable development and the exchange of views on how to solve biodiversity problems. The activities, although not too many - due to the adverse weather conditions - were quite interesting. We had the opportunity to take a walk in the forest next to the village of Ordelles; we did this walk twice, the first day as a simple hike and the second day looking for different species of amphibians and different species of plants. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to go mountain climbing and visit waterfalls near the Portuguese border. Also, one of our activities was to build houses for different birds, and then we looked for places to place them. Finally, we played various games related to the theme of the project, including searching for butterfly species at night, and various board games such as trivial also based on the theme.


We were also invited to try new flavours of Spanish vegan cuisine that we may not have had the opportunity to try at any other time in our lives. The village of Ordelles, where this project took place, is a haven for those who want to get away from the city; the tranquility it provides, and the contact with nature was a unique experience. We came into direct contact with it through our hiking in the forests and our climbing. Furthermore, we toured different parts of Spain that we may not see again in our lifetime, such as the heated baths that are located near the Portuguese border. The organizers (Su, Artai) were cheerful, friendly, and were on hand for anything we needed. Our hostel and the organization of the program in general may not have provided the amenities that other programs have, but we would recommend it to anyone who wants to try international -vegan- cuisines and interact closely with nature. Without any doubt it was a unique experience which will be unforgettable with unique moments and new friendships, our participation was well worth it.




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program