Training course "Young Essentials: Beyond the Doors"

Experience of one of the Greek participants:


“During 13-21 of December 2018 we have been in Brindisi, Italy, representing Youth Center of Epirus (YCE) in a training course about the techniques of the non formal learning that we can use in order to work with people with less opportunities. It was an Erasmus+ project.


The first activity took place in ‘Torre  Guaceto’ where we learned  how to face some things that we face in our daily lives and how we will teach them to kids (games and activities). We became again little kids by doing activities nearby the nature without caring for the cold.


In our free time we had the opportunity to visit  other  places around  the city, where the project took place. Except Brindisi, that we were staying, we visited Bari, Lecce, Ostuni. We also had the time to visit the structures of the Italian organisation in which some activities took place!


From these 10 days we keep only good memories. We started as a bunch of completely strangers from different countries with completely different culture and we ended up as good friends that they are looking forward for the next meeting. The benefits were a lot in all areas and especially in the field of education where we have received a lot of things that we will use them in our profession. ”




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program