Around the table: Community, Culture and Food

 “Around the table: Community, Culture and Food” is a solidarity and voluntary project under the umbrella of the European Solidarity Corps program, co-funded by the European Union. With this initiative, we want to make visible and celebrate the great cultural diversity present in the city of Ioannina through one of the greatest links of union, food, by organising food events and creating this recipe book. 


Moreover, we want to work on interculturality with the people who decide to be part of the project and spread what we are creating to raise awareness that a society based on much more respect for diversity and equity is possible. With the events that took place and the realisation of the book itself, we want to awaken the curiosity of citizens about interculturality and to try to move them away from deep-rooted thoughts connected to discrimination and inequality, trying to bring people closer through food.


We believe that food is loaded with cultural meaning, and it also takes us back to memories of the past, experiences, people, countries, etc. That is why we believe it is very convenient to work on interculturality through cooking, because who doesn't enjoy a good plate of rice with chicken? Or some tacos al pastor? But above all, who doesn't like to enjoy food in company?


Below you will find the link to the website created for the project, where you can discover the various recipes prepared and also download a PDF version of the recipe book.

Recipe book EN.pdf
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Βιβλίο συνταγών.pdf
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_Recipe book Farsi.pdf
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Recipe book French.pdf
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Recipe book Arabic.pdf
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Recipe book Urdu.pdf
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This project was co-funded by the European solidarity corps program of the European Commission.