Training course "All Equal" in Romania

Below you can read the words of a Greek participant who took part in this youth exchange.


Our experience in Romania will be unforgettable. We met people from different European countries, made new friendships and had the opportunity, during these two weeks, to learn a lot about each other. We shared personal experiences and through discussions we discovered many common things that unite our cultures.


The theme of the youth exchange was about the Roma community and inequality. We learned about the Roma community through various videos and we had the opportunity to meet Roma people and inform us about their experiences and concerns. Our goal was to propose solutions that will help to reduce this inequality.


In the second part of the program we used the theater as a mean of expressing various emotions. First, we prepared a workshop and presented it at the Craiova youth prison. The young inmates of the prison participated in this and at the end they shared with us their experience.


The coordinators of the program helped to make our stay there as enjoyable as possible during that time. The intercultural night, the workshops and the energizers helped to create a very good atmosphere with the whole team.




This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program