Youth Exchange "A Volunteer. To be or not to be? No2" in Epirus region, Greece from 19th to 27th of April 2015

A youth exchange project "A Volunteer. TO be or not to be? No2" was implemented in Epirus region of Greece at the end of April 2015. The youth exchange lasted for 9 days and 28 young people from Greece, Latvia, Romania and Lithuania participated in it. This project was co-funded by the European Union and was implemented under the youth Mobility of Erasmus+ programme.


This was the second youth exchange of YCE devoted to volunteerism and development of rural areas and as expected, it had a much bigger impact on locals and participants than our first project about volunteerism. During the project, we managed to do various volunteerism actions such as, clean up action near Agious river, painting and drawing at a school and a kindergarten in the village of Kalpaki,  restoration of a natural forest path that leads to a waterfall, participation in Let's Do It! Ioannina clean-up in Ioannina city center, paper collection for recycling in several mountain villages of Epirus region, as well as informative actions for promotion of environment care and volunteerism among locals. Of course, cultural activities were not forgotten- participants had a lot of fun learning about Greek customs and each other's cultures.





This project was co-funded by European Union, the Erasmus+ Program