Sohila, Gloria and Juan

Sohila from France and Gloria and Juan from Spain joined ESC voluntarism project in Ioannina, at our organisation Youth Center of Epirus. Each of them completed 2 months of service; their main activities were to implement recreational activities for asylum seeker children and work on digital content creation on social issues. Below, you can read some of their testimonies and see photos, video of their experience in Ioannina! 



Their activity was part of the project "Volunteering at Youth Center of Epirus" which is supported by the European Commission and is under the European Solidarity Corps programme. 


I have always saw the European Solidarity Corps as a great opportunity to have an international experience and to get closer to a different culture.


I finally decided to go to Ioannina because I loved the project at the Youth Center of Epirus since the first time I read about it.  But the true is that I did not know a lot about Greece and the city, so I could not imagine what I was going to find there.  But I knew it was going to be a great experience. And it was indeed.


First, I was very lucky to have very compromised people around me that helped me in the process of integration and shown me so many things! The working atmosphere at the YCE is amazing and I felt very welcome since the first day I was there. I felt I was part of the team. 

Furthermore, working with the children of the accommodation facility of Agia Eleni was one of the most enriching experiences I had. One of my motivations to go to Ioannina was to work with these children and help them to have some time learning and enjoying with the activities we prepared. 


Besides this, I also found a city with loads of amazing places, beautiful natural environments, and charming local people. These were just some of the things I had on my mind when thinking about my ESC experience. They were only two months, but I would not change them for anything! If someone asks me if I came back again to have this experience, I would say YES without doubting!


This project was co-funded by the European Commission.